China White

China White

What is China White?, how to smoke cocaine
China White has meant many things throughout the years. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was slang for heroin. Right now, China White is the street name for furanyl fentanyl.
China White is a highly potent heroin substitute made from fentanyl. It works like any other opiate substance and it comes in powdered form, which can be inhaled or injected. Some dealers deliberately substitute heroin with China White to increase its potency.

Chinawhite is similar to heroin and morphine, how to smoke cocaine, but is a hundred times more potent, if not more so; the high lasts longer and is more difficult to treat if a person overdoses.

What gave rise to China Whites is a mixture of the original fentanyl with perhaps some residues of heroin and maybe some cocaine, then they started referring to it as a more pure product.

On the other hand, instructions on how to make the drug are fairly easy to find online, though it’s complicated to produce, “Somebody who’s been to an organic chemistry class, they can run the experiment of trying to synthesize fentanyl,” he says.

What does China white do to a person?
ChinaWhite is a fat-soluble painkiller that’s much stronger and lasts far longer than morphine, heroin or fentanyl itself

China White
Fentanyl mixed with Cocaine and Lil Heroine

How do you treat a China White overdose?
The protocol to treat an opioid overdose is “really cut and paste,” according to Ramos-Matos. Doctors use the drug naloxone to lift a patient out of opioid intoxication. But, how to smoke cocaine with China White, the traditional naloxone treatment is not enough. It may require “days worth of being on a drip of naloxone,” he says, because the effects are far more severe. And China White can cause significant respiratory depression, which may require artificial ventilation to get a patient to breath.

Because of the numerous clandestine laboratories that have sprouted in China and Mexico, it has become easier to purchase these drugs.

China White

The standard treatment given to individuals with opioid overdose is naloxone, which is very helpful in lifting the patient out of opioid intoxication. However, with China White overdose, a single dose of naloxone may not be enough. The withdrawal symptoms of individuals may be so severe that it may require the individual to be under naloxone treatment for several days.

Some reports revealed that ChinaWhite sold in the streets may contain other agents like dry fecal matter, which may lead to other conditions that need a different kind of treatment. In this kind of case, it would be best to trace the source of ChinaWhite so that its contents can be determined. From there, appropriate treatment options may be formulated, depending on the actual composition. how to smoke cocaine

China White

The different methods of administration of China White are as follows:

how to smoke cocaine

The powder can be mixed with water to create a solution that can be injected into the vein. The effect can be felt 7 to 8 seconds after injection.

The same solution of powder mixed with water is injected into the muscle, the effects of which can be felt about 20 minutes after injection.

The powder substance can be snorted or sniffed and can be quickly absorbed into the nasal mucous membrane and in the bloodstream at least 10 to 15 minutes after administration.

The effect of smoking ChinaWhite can be felt 10 to 15 minutes after inhalation. It is used by heating the powdered substance on aluminum foil to create smoke and vapor.

The powder can be injected under the outer skin. The effect is felt about 20 minutes after injection.

This form of administration is rarely used because of its slow absorption, which usually takes about 30 minutes before its effects are felt.

how to smoke cocaine

Most users think that China White means the pure form of fentanyl but is actually fentanyl mixed with a certain amount of heroin to provide the “higher than high” effect.

cocaine for sale

cocaine for sale

cocaine for sale

We all know what fish scale cocaine and. cocaine for sale, is or have at least I’ve heard of it. My description is just a general description based off of my experience. I’m not asking anyone to identify a specific picture of cocaine. or to identify a specific cut since without a lab test. we cannot know for sure what could. or couldn’t be cut into any particular type of cocaine.

fish scale cocaine

My description of cocaine is for the purpose of. those who have heard of it but may have not actually seen it.
If you are wondering if your cocaine is fish scale. I suggest getting a second pair of knowledgeable eyes on it. or even two sets of eyes that have more knowledge about fish scale cocaine. And even though it’s assumed to be more pure than. other forms of cocaine. it’s just an assumption and should not be assumed. that your fish scale is a much more pure Product. or that the Purity content of it is an unrealistically high percentage.
Again, without the proper lab testing of it. the purity and types of cut that could be in it is only speculation. If your fish scale does everything. and gives you the stimulant effect that you are looking for. shouldn’t mean that it’s okay to assume it’s and much more. Product. The fact it works for you may not work for someone else.

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 without proper lab testing. cuts and purity are only an assumption or a more than likely scenario. Just because your lab tested fish scale. came back at a 85 to 90% purity. doesn’t mean it’s okay to assume all fish scale is the same. You can only go by. the results of the particular fish scale that you had tested. If 8oz (226.7g) of cocaine was tested 1/4oz grams. each a year apart from each other over the time of 4 years. and for some knowledge that I can’t find on the internet.

how is cocaine turn to fish scale

Fish scale cocaine, we all talked about it. the general notion is that it’s typically a more pure product. Everybody is in agreement that in its most common form it’s flaky. usually about the size of your pinky fingernail or smaller. and has a shiny almost have. pearlescent look to it when caught in the glare of the light. And of course it usually starts out as a larger lump of cocaine. with the same shimmery pearlescent look. and then can be broken off in sections until it gets typically the size of your pinky finger now. some flakes could be larger but with my experience. the size of the average pinky finger. now is a good way to describe it. and in a lot of cases it’s a bit smaller.
The flakes are normally somewhat round or oblong shape. but don’t really have a particular certain shape. They are usually not very thick.

fish scale cocaine

Fish scale cocaine gets its name because. it looks like the scales on a typical fish. When caught in the glare of the light it Shimmers. and has a slight pearlescent look into it. Some say it shimmers others will describe it that it looks like. it’s went when it’s caught in the glare of the light.
First off, somebody clarify when the jungle farmer. is producing cocaine and he puts it in a brick. what is that brick?. Is it hard like a natural brick which is where you get your little hard Rocky chunks. that you crush up into powder or is it powder?.

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In other words, cocaine fish scale is assumed. to typically be much more PR meaning it wasn’t cut. and every process along the way before it gets to you. If it was good then it could have been cut. by one or two people with very few cutting agents. At what point is cocaine converted into what we call fish scale?. Is there a particular time it’s done?. Early on in his life or a local Street dealer is doing it?.

what is fish scale coke?

If you do a simple acetone wash, is fish scale what you end up with?. In other words, the fish scale that I have. to satisfy my personal knowledge. how was it converted into fish scale. What is the process? How is it done?. And why is it known to be a more pure product that other forms of cocaine?. Obviously if it’s true to be a more your product. then you can sell it for a higher price. and if there’s no simple way for a street dealer to take powder cocaine. and cut it and then converted to fish scale. and play mat that it’s much more pure.
fish scale cocaine

how is cocaine turn to fish scale

In simple form, how is cocaine turn to fish scale. and does it start as a much more pure product. or does the process of turning into fish scale. make it more pure by getting rid of a lot of the junk cuts?.

difference between fish scale and coke


difference between fish scale and coke, fishscale(glimmers in light) compared to say average street quality coke. or just good coke that most users get.

Do that many people even get fishscale quality coke either?. fish scale coke effects, high quality fish scale coke.

Fish scale is the best quality of cocaine.

Some say  frequently got “fishscale” coke, sometimes it was better, sometimes it wasn’t. I agree the only way to tell is to do some. Also, if your getting 80-90% pure consider yourself very lucky. how to tell if someone is sniffing cocaine.

Other says Real fish scale is the closest you’ll ever come to uncut yae, it’s pearly-looking. like the inside of an oyster and is in a class by itself when compared to regular, and even good coke.


It is a marketing term often enough. and back when I was into the stuff I bought what was supposed to be fishscale many times.

And thought it was a myth until I did the real thing, trust me it’s like a whole other drug. Like someone said, regular/good stuff can easily be made to look like it, but once you’ve seen/done it you know it.

Most people I know won’t even touch coke unless it’s the VERY BEST shit that you can possibly get. And even then its so expensive its not worth it. On the other hand. one could buy a ball, do all but a gram, cut it up into 3 grams.

sell it at $60 a piece and people still think you’re the best connect around. cocaine fishscale
raw cocaine .

cocaine photo
Photo by stockcatalog

With Coco online sale we have the purest fish scale coke. Our products are shipped directly from Colombia and with the highest purity you can find around.

fishscale cocaine |short term effects of cocaine

fishscale cocaine

short term effects of fishscale cocaine, cocaine causes a short-lived, intense high that is immediately followed by the opposite.

fish scale coke effects

intense depression, edginess and a craving for more of the drug. People who use it often don’t eat or sleep properly.

Cocaine effects

cocaine photo

They can experience greatly increased heart rate, muscle spasms. The drug can make people feel paranoid,1 angry, hostile and anxious—even when they aren’t high.


fishscale cocaine

Regardless of how much of the fish scale coke is used or how frequently. Pink Peruvian coke increases the risk that the user will experience a heart attack, stroke, seizure or respiratory (breathing) failure. what happened if you do coke once.

fish scale coke

fishscale cocaine
fishscale cocaine

If you feel any terrible site effects of fish scale coke call the police or the Emergency unit stop and take some rest.

powdered cocaine