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caffeine vs cocaine,

caffeine vs cocaine.

Caffeine is the world’s most. commonly abused brain stimulant.  Daily caffeine consumption by.

adolescents (ages 9 to 17 yrs). has been rapidly increasing most often.in the form of soda. energy drinks and coffee. 

A pair of studies have documented that caffeine consumption. in young adults directly correlates with increased. illicit drug use and generally riskier behaviors.

long-term coffee consumption during adolescence. lead to riskier behaviors during adulthood?.

coffee is addicting, but only mildly so as compared. to many other drugs of abuse such as tobacco and cocaine.
This finding suggests that the developing. adolescent brain passes through a phase.

when it is vulnerable to the effects of. caffeine on dopamine signaling.

and that these changes can linger into adulthood and influence.

  the abuse potential of euphoria. producing drugs such as cocaine. By any definition. caffeine is clearly a gateway drug.

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