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Streamline your supply chain with apparel fulfillment service providers

We all are witnessing how the apparel industry is bringing storm in e-commerce in terms of revenue & volume.  We all know how fast the retail industry has been growing since the pandemic.  The e-commerce industry is frequently evolving and responding to consumer demands & brand involvement. The most necessary aspect of running an ecommerce business is fulfillment. Apparel fulfillment services cover product storage, picking up and packaging of orders, and delivering to customers.

Apparel is the most competitive industry to manage when it comes to e-commerce fulfillment. The reasons behind choosing the apparel fulfillment services are high return rate, large product catalog, & rising consumer expectations, delivery timelines & branding.

In the following post, we have mentioned how third-party logistic providers help brands minimize their delivery time and shipping costs. Let’s take a look.

What are the roles of apparel fulfillment services?

When you deal with the clothing & apparel business, the biggest struggle the companies face is inventory management. It is necessary to maintain the things that are done in the right way, and that’s when the apparel fulfillment services come into the frame. With the help of third-party fulfillment services, businesses can manage their orders effectively and deliver them at the right time. The apparel fulfillment centers cover all your business operations. They will help you to run your business seamlessly.

What challenges are facing the apparel industry?

The apparel or fashion industry is growing rapidly, and there are many challenges you have to face when you work in this industry. Following are some basic risks you might face in this industry.

  • Multiple SKUs

Do you know what SKU means? So, it’s the code used to track the various products available in the inventory. By using these codes, businesses will know the number of these products left in the stock. It also helps with product organization and categorization. Well, this is a complex thing since it requires some top-notch technologies. When there are multiple SKUs, it is tough for the business to keep track of them.

  • Product return

Every fashion brand allows return service to their customers. No doubt, the policy is good for customers, but it brings huge challenges to the sellers. As per the statistics, 30 to 40% of the products are returned, and it’s a complex procedure to inspect those clothes, re-shelving & discard them.

  • Labeling

This is a major challenge for the apparel industry. Every brand wants unique labeling so that it can stand different from others. However, finding the idea of labeling is difficult.

  • Branding Package

Like labeling, branding is also necessary if you are dealing with a fashion brand. Ideal branding is necessary to develop a unique identity for the company.  The problem arises when you look for packaging since it requires sustainable, high-quality packaging materials.

How do clothing fulfillment services get you over these challenges?

The fashion industry is frequently growing because every day, a new brand enters the market. When you meet with the clothing fulfillment service providers, they offer all types of clothing items to customers. They come up with the proper planning. With their help, a business can improve its logistics and accelerate its brand globally. Here are the benefits you can opt for

  • Streamlining the processing & shipping of orders

When you collaborate with the fulfillment service, they have the most redefining systems. There are lots of operations that happen in the apparel fulfillment service, such as picking, delivering, shipping & packaging. All these operations will be done by the fulfillment services. They do all the operations in a smooth & quick manner.

  • Decrease in operational costs

The cost of management & shipping apparel products is costly. It can be a huge problem for both brands and customers. When it comes to fulfillment service providers, they offer operations at lower operational costs. They offer more discounts. If you want to decrease your operational costs, then hire t-shirt fulfillment service providers.

  • Achieve scalability

In addition, the merchandise fulfillment service providers improve flexibility. When the operation of the company increases, the fulfillment service providers also broaden their operations. They scale the functions based on the needs of people.

How do you select the ideal apparel fulfillment service providers?

Now you know all the benefits of working with apparel fulfillment service providers. It’s time to understand how to choose the ideal apparel service providers. There are multiple companies available in the market, allowing apparel companies to partner with them. You always choose a company that knows how to manage an inventory smoothly and perform all the operations.

  • Global reachability– The first thing you should look into for any fulfillment service provider is whether they are available globally or not. When fulfillment service providers are available globally, companies can easily collaborate with them and operate smoothly.
  • Top-notch return service– Choose the companies that offer the best return services to the customers. If the customers are not satisfied with the product, they can quickly apply for a return and get their money back.
  • Affordable rates– The fulfillment service providers must offer services at affordable costs.


By concluding the above contents, you can understand that the apparel industry is booming. As the industry is growing immensely, the owners must look for partners who can suggest effective ways to manage the operations smoothly. This is when you think about hiring fulfillment service providers to broaden your business. For the best results, you can take a look at the Scrappy Apparel Company, which meets all the features discussed above.

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